Parnership & Volunteers

Be a Partner and Volunteer

There are four Partnership Categories:

1. Volunteer Partnership (Silver Convener)

You can support this mission as a volunteer by accepting to use your Time, gifts and Talents to touch lives via this platform.

2.  Financial Partnership (Diamond Convener)

You can willingly support this mission with your financial resources. Nothing is too small. Let your money be the reason someone’s dream is restored.

3. Material Partnership (Golden Convener)

You can donate cloths (used or new), food items, educational material, shoes, toiletries and relief items. All these could transform destinies.

4. Spiritual Partnership (Bronze Convener)

Your word of Prayers for the success of each of our events could go a long way in stimulating the success of our mission.


We're are always looking out for heart-felt influencers who would like to join us impact in lives of individuals especially poor kids and widows. Irrespective of whatever support who intend to make either intellectually, financially, physically or whatsoever you can do to support our dedicated generosity, we're always happy to welcome you in our team.