We launched a new project early this year called the Project Edu – Child.

The number of ‘’out of school children’’  and the rate at which this number is increasing in Africa is quit alarming. This is what the Edu– Child Project seeks to address. We  source for funding and educational materials to place identified vulnerable children  on various scholarships to enable them get back to school. We are involved in partnerships with schools for effective implementation and monitoring to ensure this kids stay in school.

Some share Sarafina's challenge of not being able to go to school due to financial issues faced by her parents. The SOI Team did a bit of insight gathering to validate the actual reason keeping her out of school. Our findings prompted the Foundation to award Sarafina a comprehensive scholarship for 4 years covering al expenses including educational materials and stipends.
Sarafina Goes to School
We were told how daniel cries each time he sees his neigbours kids going to school in the moring. We found out that the family cold barely feed not to talk of sending little Daniel to School. We awarded Daniel a 4 years scholarship, covering all academic expenses
Daniel Goes to School

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